Cyrus Hurley is an IT specialist who lives and works in Jefferson, North Carolina. In his professional life, he serves as the CIO and President of HitsTech, an IT firm offering tailored solutions to medium to large businesses, schools, and hospitals. In his personal life, he is a skier, traveler, community member, and – perhaps most importantly – a father. He loves exploring far-flung places with his family and one day intends to set his skis on every continent. For now, though, Cyrus is content to enjoy life in Jefferson with his family and put his skiing skills to use as a volunteer patroller at the Appalachian Ski Mountain resort in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.


So far, Cyrus has visited mountain ranges in the United States, South America, Canada, Europe, and Asia. He ultimately plans to travel even further and visit slopes in New Zealand, Australia, Africa, and Antartica. Each of the blog posts below reflect on Cyrus’s goals, thoughts, and ideas as a skier and explorer. Check out the full-length versions on his website!


A Friend, a Stranger, and a Mountain: An Unforgettable Story of Skiing in Chile

December 2016


“If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my adventures, it’s that a mountain like that holds a special kind of power, and the bonds you make with fellow travelers are forged from strong stuff.”


In this post, Cyrus Hurley reflects on the lessons skiing has taught him over the years. He muses on his own clumsy beginnings in the sport and considers how even his first falls as a teenager played a part in making him a lifetime skier. Then, he casts his considerations to a more recent trip to Chile by reflecting on the lifelong connections he made in a moment on the mountain. He ultimately finds that his love for skiing sparked his passion for travel and exploration.


Everything You Need to Know for Summer Skiing in Argentina

October, 2016


“As the summer days get longer and hotter, who doesn’t start to pine for some fresh air and mountain views? If you just can’t wait until winter to get back on the slopes, good news: You don’t have to! Our friends to the south, Argentina, are currently in the depths of winter and home to some of the best skiing around.”


Here, Cyrus Hurley outlines the do’s and don’ts of skiing in Argentina, and provides a few tips for anyone planning a summer ski trip to the region.


A Trip to Gryon, Switzerland

July, 2016

Cyrus has visited a number of mountains over the years – but his favorite range is the Alps. In this post, he reflects on a 2009 trip to Gryon, Switzerland.