Cyrus Hurley

Skier and International Explorer

Cyrus Hurley balances his professional career in information technology with travel, skiing, and (perhaps most importantly) day-to-day life with his family in Hickory, North Carolina.

An avid skier, Cyrus Hurley has spent considerable time exploring the world’s most beautiful peaks. To date, he has visited ranges in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, and Argentina. However, Cyrus ultimately intends to travel even further, and eventually cross New Zealand, Australian, Africa, Antarctica, and Cuba off of his travel bucket list.

For now, though, Cyrus plans to remain active in the Hickory community and spend quality time with his family.  An active community member, Cyrus proved his commitment to enriching his home county by directing the installation of free, secure public WiFi in Ashe County’s recreational hotspots and further aiding in the collection tourism analytics on behalf of local economic development projects. In his off hours, Cyrus volunteers as a ski patroller at the nearby Appalachian Ski Mountain resort in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

Life in Jefferson, North Carolina

Cyrus Hurley is the president, CIO, and co-founder of the enterprise IT solutions provider HitsTech. While he has been developing his skills for over two decades, Cyrus’s passion for computers and problem-solving began in his teens, when he first encountered the technology in school. After developing his skill set in high school, Cyrus decided to apply his interests to aid military interests, and joined the US Army Reserves as a Network Engineer. While in that capacity, Cyrus aided in the implementation of NAS servers throughout the Southeast region, which included four states and Puerto Rico. In 2004, Cyrus concluded his service with the army and dedicated himself to his work at HitsTech, which was only a few years old at the time.

As HitsTech’s Chief Information Officer, Cyrus merges his considerable technical know-how with his multi-industry experience to formulate, implement, and oversee enterprise-level solutions to complex problems. Cyrus’s approach to his work at HitsTech is informed by his years of experience in the ever-shifting IT landscape; rather than offering standardized solutions, Cyrus chooses to consider each problem as a unique issue requiring a tailored solution.  To date, Cyrus has worked in conjunction with major players in the IT landscape, including Microsoft, Citrix, Symantic, Dell, CDW Corporation, and Cisco. While the firm was originally intended to develop solutions for the healthcare sector, it has since expanded to serve clients from local and state government, K-12 and higher education, and medium to large businesses.

In addition to his position at HitsTech, Cyrus served as the Director of Technology for his home county of Ashe, North Carolina for over ten years. In the years to come, he intends to achieve and explore even more in both his professional and personal life.


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